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  • 服務程序
    樂聘網(www.ynstmy.com )- 致力于為全球(目前重點在中國)星級酒店、品牌餐飲、旅游航空企業提供全面、專業HR服務的人力資源服務機構。
    樂聘網獵頭服務 - 定位與為上海、北京、深圳等中國經濟發達的主流城市 酒店、餐飲、旅游業的一流企業,提供領袖/高管(部門總監以上)職位的搜尋、咨詢顧問服務。 樂聘網擁有自己強大的知識庫和廣泛的人才知識網絡,樂聘網的顧問富有豐富的專業知識和行業經驗。我們的專項業務服務按不同行業、職能和地理區域劃分。20多名樂聘網的專業顧問所建立起來的強大的服務知識支持網絡,遍及上海、北京、深圳等10多個國內城市。 在過去的3年中,樂聘網建立并完善了全面的人才資源管理策略, 為我們的客戶提供了從首席執行官CEO、到公司市場銷售總監、餐飲總監、房務總監、行政總廚、工程總監、財務總監、人力資源總監的搜索咨詢服務。
    61HR - dedicated to provide comprehensive, professional human resources services the world's (currently focus on China) star hotel, brand catering, tourism and aviation enterprises.
    ITT headhunting services - positioning on the first-class enterprises for hotels, restaurants, tourism in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other Chinese developed mainstream cities, provide them with leadership / executives (director or above) job search consulting services.
    ITT has their own strong knowledge database and a wide range of talent network, the consultants in ITT master a wealth of professional knowledge and rich industry experience. Our specialized business services are divided according to different industries, functions and geographic area. More than 20 professional consultants in ITT build the strong services knowledge networks in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, and more than 10 domestic cities. In the past three years, the ITT has established and improved a comprehensive human resource management strategies. We have provided consulting services for our clients from the Chief Executive Officer, the company's marketing director, Food & Beverage Director, Housekeeping Director, Chief Chef, Project Director, Finance Director to the Human Resources Director's. Our clients include.
    長期對客戶行業的關注與判斷,豐富的人才推薦經驗。 擁有穩定高效的顧問團隊,由業內知名的資深顧問組成,他們熟諳中西方企業文化,具有在跨國企業和獵頭公司工作多年的成功經驗。他們對行業有雄厚的知識積累及行業的深廣理解,能快速有效的根據客戶的需求尋訪中高端專業人士。
    我們有非常強的Research團隊進行強有力的候選人尋訪。 61HR 以“幫企業選擇優秀人才”、“助個人規劃燦爛人生”為目標,以誠信服務為本,以高成功率為證,為客戶創造價值,與客戶共同成長。
    Concerned with the long-term judgment of the industry and experienced in talents recommendation . 61HR has a stable and highly efficient team of professional senior consultants who are familiar with both oriental and occidental enterprise culture. We all have many years’ successful experience in multinational enterprises and head hunting companies.
    We have abundant accumulation of knowledge and deep understanding of the industry which we service. 61HR has an excellent research that can search candidates efficiently. 61HR sets its target of selecting outstanding talents for enterprises and planning a splendid career life for individuals. 61HR deliberately focuses on our clients’ real business needs and provides practical and valuable solutions to ensure effectiveness and expected growth of profits for our clients.